emily looked herself in the mirror and was suddenly hit with a strange feeling that something was horribly, horribly wrong.

“i shouldn’t be doing this.“ she whispered to herself. “It’s not right.”

she thought about her time at Bimbo University since she arrived a few days ago. At first, she was frightened and tried to escape but thankfully the Teachers quickly subdued her and plugged her mind and body into The Machine.

Once it was switched on, escape quickly became the very last thing on her mind as her re-education began. her former life as a CEO was erased, replaced with memories of serving her Master, emily’s subordinate in a past life.

Thoughts and ideas solidified in her mind. she wanted to marry Him, give Him all her money and pump her chest full of plastic until she was the obedient fuckdoll He deserved.

emily heard a creak and jumped with delight as Master poked His head around the door.

“Ready, darling?” he asked, hanging on the frame.

“Yes, Master!” she squealed. her fingers ran over her wet cunt. He made her so wet.

What was she thinking about? emily thought briefly but struggled to remember. Unless it had something to do with serving Master, it probably wasn’t important, and so she shrugged and giggled.

“There. Everything’s perfect now!” she said, turning to head to her graduation ceremony.