Workity, work work


Spent the night at my sub’s apartment last night and this morning, she and I are sitting at different sides of her dining room table, both with headphones, both on laptops.  She’s working on a big thing, I’m doing small parts of a big thing and slipping in paying bills and writing things like this in between. 

She and I were talking this morning about how Al Franken said once that he spends “Quantity time” with his kids.  No agenda, no serious need to connect, just lots of time together doing things and the comfort inherent in that lack of scarcity.  This kind of interaction makes me happy. 

I’ve mentioned here before that an early thing I did was use covert hypnosis to install a suggestion that drinking water helps her focus.  We cheerlead each other through tough work problems. And now, we’re literally both working as part of our hanging out.  

She teaches me so much.  I’ve been a D-type one way or another for awhile, but I’m learning what it means to be “lifestyle” right now, and it is fascinating to see how this dynamic can fit into and even enhance our other goals, professional and otherwise.  I look up and I see the expression of concentration on her face and I’m so proud and happy.  It’s so cool to have a sub who is so dedicated to making the life she wants. 

Awww. *blush*

I missed this when Mistress first posted it but I happened to come across it and just melted. <3<3<3