“Please,” she whimpered, her face contorted with desperate pleasure. “Please, Master, please please please…” She whispered the words faster, as if somehow she could make Master’s hips move in time to her words even though she knew he was in perfect control of the pace of their fucking. Master was in perfect control of everything right now. Especially her. “Please!”

“Please what, pet?” he growled roughly, his voice giving away his arousal. She knew she was turning him on, she knew her cunt had the same effect on him that his cock had on her, but his body never betrayed him the way hers did. He never gave in to his lust, never let it make him a mindless fucking slut that would do anything to cum over and over and over again. That was why he was the Master. That was why she would always be the slave.

“P-please fuck me harder, Master,” she moaned, her eyes rolling back in her head as his cock brushed her clit again. “Please, I need it, Master, I need you to pound my cunt, I, please I please…” She was babbling now, the words spilling out in a tide of hunger for more and more of the bliss that she craved. Nothing felt as good as Master’s cock deep inside of her, not anything. She knew she was brainwashed to believe that, but knowing it only turned her on even more. “Please fuck slave, Master, please!”

“But you know what will happen if I fuck you harder, don’t you?” he warned her. His fingers reached between her thighs, finding her clit as he slid in and out of her wet pussy. “Tell me, slave. Tell me what happens when Master fucks you.” His hand rubbed in time to his words, turning his command into pulse after pulse of pleasure radiating out from her cunt.

“Muh, Master’s cock…” Her voice was slurred with bliss, drool dripping from her lips as she tried to concentrate on anything other than the pleasure between her legs. “Master’s cock fucks…my thoughts away. The harder Master fucks slave, the less slave thinks.” Her eyelids fluttered, the euphoric bliss overwhelming her mind. She was already so deep and thoughtless, but she couldn’t help craving more. Master had programmed her for that.

“So if you know that my cock fucks your thoughts away,” Master said, angling his hips to drive deeper into her cunt with his thrusts, “and you want to be fucked harder…then that must be what you really want, isn’t it, slave? To think less and less. To obey more and more. To be fucked mindless by Master’s cock. Isn’t that right, slave?” He rammed his cock into her faster and harder as he spoke, pushing every last thought out of her drowsy mind.

Except for one. “Yes Master,” she said vacantly. “Slave wants to be fucked mindless by Master’s cock.” There was no more urgency in her voice. There was nothing but a soft, mindless monotone of blank obedience. “Slave doesn’t want to think. Slave only wants to obey.” She still felt the pleasure, but her mind was an empty vessel for it now. There was no need, no desire, only compliance and drowsy bliss.

“Good slave,” Master growled, his hips a blur of motion. “Come for me now.” And with her mind locked into perfect obedience, she did.

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