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If looks could kill, her eyes would
have burned a hole straight through me. Her rage had been growing ever since
she realized she couldn’t stop following me back to my place, couldn’t stop
stripping for me.

Her face can’t show that fury. She
cannot speak or move except as I desire. But it’s still there, in her eyes.

She hasn’t yet realized that the
only reason she can hate me is because I’m allowing it. I haven’t said a word
or laid a finger on her yet, and before I do, my gaze will once again capture
hers. I will make her take pleasure in obeying, make her desire me, make her
helplessly mine… and then, at the very end, I will take away her ability to
hate me.

Looks can’t kill. But mine, at
least, can control…

Model: Paula Bulczynska

Photographer: Francesco Chiappetta

Source: Parah Fall/Winter 2014