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I giggled. Mark is funny, with his swinging watch and his whole hypnosis thing. He had promised it would cheer me up after I broke up with Dan and he was right. Not because he actually hypnotized me mind you but because the whole thing was just so hilarious.

“Every time you laugh you want to obey me more and more,” he said and I laughed. He was still swinging that watch on a chain and my eyes followed it just as I promised they would.

“Yes master,” I teased laughing again. It felt good to laugh and let the stress float away. Mark had explained how each laugh made me more empty headed and while I don’t know about that it was hard to remember why I was so upset.

“Good Girl. You’re doing so well. Watching the watch and sinking into hypnosis going deeper into my power with each laugh and giggle,” he claimed.

I laughed.

“It would feel even nicer to remove your clothes. You could laugh and relax twice as much without that right shirt and those jeans,” he told me. I laughed at the obvious attempt to get me naked, and then because it was funny to play along undressed.

I smiled as I posed in my bra and panties, posing playfully for Mast… Mark. It did feel good to be undressed. And to laugh and be kind of like a Barbie doll. Empty headed.

“Watch the watch and laugh Jennifer. Each laugh makes your cares and worries drift away. Helps you relax. Helps you go blank and relax. Watch and giggle,” Mark said, “become empty and obedient.”

I laughed. Not worried any more. Not sad. Master is funny. With his watch and commands I must obey.