“Try again,” Master said. Juliette stared intently at her wrists, struggling to will her muscles to lift the impossible weight on the handcuffs up over her head to where Master dangled the key. Intellectually, of course, she knew that it was all just a trick of her subconscious mind; the cuffs weren’t really that heavy. It was just a post-hypnotic suggestion. If she really wanted to, she could just reach up and…and…with a sigh of exhaustion, her hands dropped back to the bed.

“Try again,” Master said. Juliette reached up, her limbs straining with effort and her arms trembling after only a moment of holding the heavy metal cuffs in the air. She knew that every effort tired her more, mentally and physically. She knew that each failure made her weaker, more susceptible to Master’s hypnotic power. She knew that if she could just reach up and unlock the handcuffs, his spell over her would end. But…

But she also knew she didn’t want to be free, not really. The struggle was important, the struggle was what made her submission so desperately erotic, but her subconscious mind would never truly let her reach the key. She would fail, every single time, because she wanted to be bound. As if to prove it, her hands plummeted back down onto the mattress, her shoulders slumping and her head sagging as she felt the wave of lassitude pass through her.

“Try again,” Master said. Juliette grunted with effort, putting all her will into one final attempt, but her whole body was shaking before she could even lift her hands more than a fraction of an inch off the bed and she knew she was drained. She didn’t have the willpower to struggle anymore. Her strength was spent. She was helpless.

Realizing that made her pussy so wet. Just like always. Her hands fell limply back down, her whole body sagged in exhaustion. “Are you ready to obey, pet?” Master asked. Her eyes closed, her body too heavy to move, Juliette could only whimper her assent. But she knew that a whimper was all Master was looking for right now.

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