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“It’s not real,” I insisted as I sank into the chair. My hand drifted up again, helping my mind clear just as Professor Campbell said it would. Everything he said seemed to come true, he was a very smart man. That’s why I had sought him out for help on my paper.

My paper? What was that about again? It seemed so hard to think of the subject. Something about the ways that a mind could be influenced by hypnosis. Right?

I remember a bit. As my hand drifts up and the clouds form inside my head. I had explained that I wanted to prove that hypnosis and subliminal influencing was overblown and almost impossible. I had done a lot of library research but he had wanted me to do a test.

Real research he said.

He asked me to count to fifty as I looked into a spiral on his laptop screen. I don’t know what that was meant to prove. Afterwards I agreed to meet him at this hotel. He showed me another spiral.

He laughed as I begin to fall back asleep, my hand touching my forehead. I sank back down. The spiral appearing in my mind.

I opnened my eyes before I stepped out of my shorts and panties, approached him and fumbled for his cock in his pants. “Hypnosis is just a fraud,” I explained, “and all that stuff about our subconscious is overblown Freud.”

He laughed and guided my head towards his member. My lips to his cock.