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Day 7: Mmmm… his lollipops are
so yummy… I guess it wouldn’t be too bad to let him feel me up a little, even
if he is a nerd… my grades ARE better since he started tutoring me, and he
DOES give me these yummy lollipops… mmm…

Day 12: Well… I guess I can let
him fuck me… he’s been really nice, helping my grades and giving me all these
lollipops, and he’s super-smart, and I’ve been SO horny lately…

Day 16: God, my boobs just keep
growing, and they’re SO sensitive… having them rub against my shirt all day
makes me SO hot… good thing he’s always there to fuck me, and so sweet that
he always gives me a lollipop after…

Day 20: I can’t believe I got an
A in math AND history! It’s all thanks to him… I owe him so much, but a
cheerleader can’t date a nerd… mmm, no way I could stop though, he’s such a
good fuck and I have no idea where he gets these lollipops from… I guess I’ll
just have to drop out of the squad!

Day 24: Oh wow, he was totally
right, that concert ROCKED. And I know he loves how the band t-shirt shows off
my puppies. It’s amazing how much I’ve changed for him… I can’t believe how
dull and dumb I used to be, though all that flexibility training does come in
handy now, heheh. But it’s like he’s molded me into… his perfect…
girlfriend… Oh God, he HAS, hasn’t he? He’s been changing me somehow, and…
and I don’t mind at all. I love the new me, and that’s probably his doing as
well. If only I knew how he was doing it… eh, whatever, I love the changes,
why worry? I’ll just have another lollipop and see what he wants to do
tonight… whatever it is, I know I’ll love it!

Day 45: Kelly’s still really
upset I left the squad. She just doesn’t get it. I can’t go back to how I used
to be! I’ve got way better future prospects as a smart, straight-As slave than
a dumb Cs-and-Ds cheerleader. Master said next time she gets on my case I
should just give her a lollipop. I don’t know what that’s supposed to
accomplish, but he’s the Master, so I guess I’ll try it.

Image 1:

Model: GagaAlienQueen 

Photographer: Darren Rowley

Image 2:

Model: Dairetto