Trying something new

(My Mistress, @askjeeveshypno, told me to write about what we did last night.)

Last night I discovered a side to myself I didn’t know was there. It happened when Mistress and I went to a small gathering at the local kink club and had a scene.

Mistress cuffed me to a St Andrew’s Cross and brought out one of our favorite toys, a sparkly red glass ball She rolled back and forth in front of my eyes and then dropped me. Then She reminded me of what it does—how its touch brings pleasure and arousal, and the longer and harder it’s pressed against me the more intense that feeling becomes.

Then She started playing. Rolling it across my skin, feinting at different places She might touch me before pushing it hard into my shoulder, dropping it into my bra and just leaving it there while She went and got a drink. Before long I was a gasping, pleading, incoherent mess.

Then came out the other toys. She tickled me with a flogger that had lots of thin, dangly, thin plastic threads, like spaghetti, rubbed me all over with a scrubbing sponge that made my skin tinglingly sensitive, and my favorite, put on these gloves that had semi-sharp talons attached and scratched me everywhere.

I was helpless, bound, overwhelmed with sensation, utterly Her plaything to do whatever she wanted with and to. And I didn’t register it at first, but… something was different.

See… our play is strictly hypno, D/s, bondage, and a little scratching. No pain, because I am very firm that I do not like pain. Never have. Mistress does like impact play, but She does it with other people, not me.

But… while playing with the spaghetti flogger, Mistress briefly forgot Herself and started playing with it like She’s used to—slapping me with it. It didn’t really hurt, it was more of a surprise, and She immediately apologized, but… like I said, I didn’t register it, but something in me shifted—it didn’t at all feel bad. It was just one more sensation.

Then, while scratching me with the talons, She dug her claws into my shoulders. She’s done that before—it’s just a kind of scratching, and I LOVE being scratched. But… maybe it’s because I was getting over a light sunburn, or maybe it’s because my skin was more sensitive after the scrubbing, or maybe the combination of the two—but whatever the reason, it HURT.

I let out what Mistress described as “a howl of anguish” and my legs nearly buckled—the only reason I didn’t collapse was because I was bound to the cross. She immediately started to take the gloves off.

And I just as immediately begged Her not to. Because it hurt… and the pain was just one more intense sensation. One more thing that left me feeling controlled, squirmy, used, and VERY turned on.

Play went on. I’m a little fuzzy on some of the details at this point, as I was slipping pretty deep into submissive euphoric sensory overload. I know at some point She brought out this crop She has that’s made out to look like a single rose, with the flower part heavy and solid but very soft. Either before or after that She brought out the red glass ball again, put me under and reminded me of its other power: if I can get my lips on it, it makes them incredibly sensitive, so I feel pleasure touching them to anything. Then She took me down from the cross and started playing keepaway with it. She’d never done that before—She’d always made me work for it a little, but never chase her around.

By the time I finally caught it, I was desperate. It was like a surge of energy in my lips. I just needed them to be on Her, and I began to kiss Her all over. She was lying on the floor on her side, so I kissed her shoulder, neck, belly, back, legs, any bit of exposed skin, and every kiss was like a jolt of electric pleasure bursting out from my lips.

When I was finally exhausted, I curled in Her arms there on the floor. I felt myself in subspace, not super deep but definitely tired and fuzzy and blissful and not entirely in the world. I started playing with the rose crop, sort of bouncing it against me, and Mistress asked me to bounce it on her back a little. (She was laying on her stomach by this point.)

So I did, just sort of lightly letting it fall, letting the weight of it do the work—I didn’t want to actually HIT my Mistress! But she liked it, said it felt like a massage… and I got curious. So I asked Her to use it on me a little.

And She did. She tried a few different things I don’t remember exactly—like I said, I was a bit fuzzy—and then I asked for more of the last thing she did.

Which was actually hitting me.

And it felt nice! She was right, it was a lot like a massage. The rose was soft but solid and heavy, and so were its impacts. Not painful, just soft and solid and heavy. Sensation, not pain.

But then She hit my butt. And it wasn’t pain either, exactly, but a different sensation from using it on my back, too. Sharper, way more intense. I jumped! …and then I wiggled my butt for more.

I was being spanked… and I liked it. Those soft heavy thuds on my ass were like explosions of energy, each one momentarily wiping all thought from my head as I gave myself over to pure sensation. Reminders that I am a body, and that body belongs to my Mistress. And, too, there was the thrill of discovering that what I’d thought was a hard limit turned out to be a soft one, that I was giving my Mistress something She wanted, that excited Her as much as it did me, and that something which scared me was actually wonderful.

Afterwards, She cuddled me and made sure I was safe and happy and well, while I sank deeper into subspace than I’ve ever been. I could barely put a thought together; there was just sweet, sleepy, fuzzy bliss, the euphoria of a Good Girl who’s been used thoroughly and lovingly by her wonderful Mistress.

And then I stayed there. For HOURS.

I can’t wait until next time we get to play. I want to try being spanked again. And the hottest thing of all is… She changed my mind about a preference, and She didn’t even have to hypnotize or condition me to do it. I just naturally came to want to try it, to submit further and more deeply.

I’m so very much Hers, and spanking is just another reminder of it.

Beautiful story!

Thank you! It was a beautiful evening. <3

What a great share. Thank you for letting me/us into your mind. Subspace is a lovely place to be. So glad it was a positive, bonding experience for both of you. Would love to hear your Mistresses take on that scene.

What do You think, Mistress @askjeeveshypno? Would You be willing to do that?