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Jill tried to look away, tried to
pull away, but her eyes kept being drawn back to his. She tried shutting them,
but they opened again. She tried pulling away, but just leaned in for a closer

“It’s exhausting, isn’t
it?” he asked. “Fighting the pull, when you know you can’t. So
tiring… so much easier to just relax and let go…”

No, that was wrong… she had to
fight. But she was so very tired, and it was so hard to remember why when his
eyes were so pretty. It really was so much easier to let go… but… if she

“But you know you can’t, can
you? You have to keep fighting, even though it’s so, so tiring, so hard,
because you know that once you let go, once you fall into my eyes, you’ll be

Yes, that was it, she had to fight,
because once she let go she’d be his…

“So tired, so hard to keep
fighting, knowing that when you let go, you’ll become mine, helpless to resist,
completely open to any suggestions I make.”

Yes, when she fell, she’d be
helpless to resist…

“And now that you know what
will happen when you let go, now that you know it’s inevitable, there’s no need
to keep fighting. It’s so tiring, and you know that when you let go you’ll
become mine, so letting go in 3…2…1…”

She fell.

Model: Gillian Jacobs

Photographer: Ari Michelson

Source: Sharp Magazine