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Scarlett gazed blankly into the
swinging crystal, eyes wide and empty as they followed it. 

She had found it easy to follow the
man with the strangely compelling voice to a side room, easy to look at the
beautiful, glittering thing dangling from his hand, easy to slip down into a
trance for him. It was a role, a character to take on, a part to play.

She was a good actress, wasn’t she?
That meant she had to be good at taking direction, she agreed. And she loved
acting. Loved becoming someone else, saying what she was told to say, feeling
what she was told to feel. That made sense. Everything he said made sense.

Slowly her lips parted as the last
of her thoughts drained away. There would be no more thinking; only his words.
No more Scarlett; only the role he told her to play. No more choice; only his

And she would love it.

Model: Scarlett Johansson

Photographer: Craig McDean

Source: Vanity Fair