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Kelly had been surprised to find a man waiting in the room when she arrived
at her best friend Vicky’s sleepover. She was even more surprised when Vicky
grabbed her hands and pinned them behind her back, then forced her to her knees
in front of the man, while their other friend Lisa just watched.

“What the fu–” was all she managed to get out before the man
pulled out his cock. His massive, amazing, beautiful cock. It wasn’t the first
Kelly had seen, but none of the boys she’d gone down on could compare. This
cock was perfection, and her mouth watered at the sight of it.

Before she could say or do anything, or even think, the cock was in her
mouth, the man’s guiding hand on the back of her head. Her pussy exploded in
pleasure as he began slowly fucking her face, like he was filling both holes at
once. And as amazing as the cock looked, it felt even better. The urge
to suck was overwhelming, and she didn’t try to fight it.

“See, Master?” said Vicky. “She put up even less fight than

There was no time for Kelly to process what Vicky might have meant, because
at that moment her mouth filled suddenly with cum. Her eyes widened as her
whole body tensed and then released, waves of pleasure expanding outward from
her pussy while the mind-blowing taste filled her mouth.

She swallowed eagerly, and then stared up at the man she now knew was her
master, her slave sisters kneeling on either side. “….More..?” was
all she was able to say, and Master laughed.

Models (left to right): Elsa Jean (face not visible), Gia Paige, Gina

Source: The Cocksuckers Club