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As the slave waited, she remembered
the men breaking into her home. Which made no sense–how could a slave own
anything, let alone a home?

She remembered struggling while they
tried to pin her down. Which made no sense–she loved being held down,
restrained, tied up.

She remembered trying to stay awake
while the drug they injected her with worked through her system. Which made no
sense–why would she ever want not to sink into deep, blissful sleep?

She remembered trying to resist the
instructions whispered into her ears through the headphones they placed on her,
the relentless tug of the spirals in the glasses that covered her face. Which
made no sense–she wanted nothing more than to be hypnotized and programmed to

Now she was bound in ropes that made
her feel squirmy and hot, waiting for the arrival of a master she’d never met
but that she was certain she would recognize the moment she saw him.

And then he entered, and she
remembered him asking her out now and again for years, remembered turning him down
time and again, wishing he’d just move on to someone else. Which made no
sense–why would she ever say no to Master?

As she gave him her best smoldering
look, she decided to just forget all those silly memories that made no sense.
It was so much easier, so much better to just relax and not think…

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