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When the camera started flashing, she’d dismissed her sudden dizziness. She
was a professional, after all–she had to power through.

But as it kept flashing, her thoughts became fuzzier and fuzzier. She could
barely muster the neurons to say “no” when the photographer asked her
to take her top off. A few photos later, and she couldn’t even do that. The
second time he asked, off it came.

Before long she was completely blank. Every time a thought slowly, muzzily
tried to form in her light-addled brain, the flash went off again, wiping the
thought away. When he told her to take off her bra, she slowly complied, not
because of any resistance, but because her brain was in no state to do anything

Body and mind both naked before the flashing camera, she stood quietly as he
told her about her new life.

Model: Jessica Chastain

Photographer: Craig Medean

Source: Interview Magazine