Yoga is a great way to relieve stress. It can be extremely relaxing once you get used to it. But for Karen it could be a little too relaxing.

Karen was dressed in her yoga clothes. Tight spandex hugged every contour of her firm flexible body. She was proud of her yoga body and knew she would be irresistible to any man who saw her like this. She admired herself in the mirror, her perfectly shaped ass, her perky round breasts barely contained in her spandex top. Her well toned midriff exposed. She worked hard to look this good and it was paying off. Many women wanted to be just like her. It was easy to want to be Karen.

Karen would always start with some breathing exercises. Breathing deeply and slowly, she would focus on how it felt. She felt the warm arm slowly entering her nose and filling her lungs, her chest rising. She felt the air slowly passing back out as she gradually exhaled and her chest lowered. She would do this continuously, thinking of nothing but how good it felt to just breathe.Slowly breathing in deeply… Then gradually letting it all out.. Let yourself start to feel your breathing slow just like Karen now. In… and out… each repetition drawing her farther and farther into a relaxed, thought free state.

That’s the way her neighbor found her, almost completely blank. He had just dropped by to borrow some coffee. But seeing her there in her sexy outfit and being a good neighbor he decided to help fill her mind with a few suggestions. He calmly let himself in and locked the door behind him. Then in a soothing voice he began to instruct her.

Oh did I catch you in the middle of your yoga? Well don’t mind me. Just keep breathing, deeply and slowly. Concentrate on the feeling of release as you slowly exhale. Feel how your mind calms each time you exhale. And now, just nod, just let yourself slowly nod. Good girl.”

Karen didn’t think about what he was telling her. Karen wasn’t thinking anymore. Instead she just obediently nodded. He continued to guide her thoughts and actions, gradually forming her mind into just want he wanted. She was already half way there.

Now just let those heavy eye lips start to drop, just drop down further and further. Good girl. Continue to focus on my words, nothing but my words, let them just bury themselves deep in your mind. Soon you’ll start to feel my words become your thoughts. There is nothing but my words. I have one especially important word for you, wet. Just think about how horny and wet you’re becoming from my words.

It was all happening just as he wanted. His words filled her empty mind. And that one word became the most important thing in the world to her, “wet”. Just thinking the word wet made her aroused. Every repetition of the word wet increased the arousal. Each and every time you think the word wet your arousal grows just like Karen. She could feel her breasts swelling, her nipples hardening, her pussy getting wetter and yearning to be filled. The word wet was very important.

Good girl. Let yourself continue to get wetter and wetter. But I have another important word for you now, naked. Let that word, naked, sink deep into your mind. You want to free yourself from all those restrictive clothes. You want to be naked. You desperately want to be wet and naked. And you can be, just think of the word naked.

This word filled her thoughts even more quickly than the one before. Then without even thinking about what she was doing, without even realizing she wasn’t alone, she began to get undressed. It would feel so good to be naked. You’ll feel so much better without all those restrictive clothes. As she undressed her arousal continued to grow and grow. Until all her clothes were on the floor and her body every signal from her body was telling her she needed to be fucked, right now. She was so wet and naked. Before you continue, just think about that interesting word for awhile and see what happens, naked.

Good girl. I have one last word for you. It is the most meaningful word. You’ll want to pay very close attention to this word since it is the most crucial thing in the world to you, cock. My cock is essential to you. You need my cock, you need to please my cock. You need my cock inside you. Now open your eyes.

Her neighbor was now naked in front of her. She started intently at his wonderful cock. The word cock flooded her mind and she dropped to her knees and starting sucking on that wonderful cock. Karen was barely aware of what was happening. She was on autopilot. All her mind could do was replay the words in her head over and over. The word just repeats in your head over and over,

wet, naked, cock”. Good girl.

Then he instructed her to lay back on her yoga mat as he withdrew his hard cock from her eager mouth. She obediently laid back. When his hard cock slid into her tight wet cunt it was the most amazing thing she had ever experienced. Somehow this was the cock she had always dreamed about. She wanted to moan with pleasure. But all she could do is repeat “Cock, cock, cock”. And she just continued as he fucked her hard and harder, as she climaxed and her pussy spasmed around his cock in the most intense orgasm of her life for what seemed like an eternity.

Karen was so happy she obeyed. Karen was so happy she let your mind be filled with those words “wet, naked, cock”. She knows that the word cock is the most important thing in the world to you right now. She knows you need my cock. She knows how much you need my cock inside you. She knows that word will be the most meaningful thing to you until you experience an incredible climax while you imagine being filled with my cock. You just want to repeat it over and over. Nod.