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The music pounded in her ears, sensual, driving, insistent. It felt so
good to listen, to be nearly naked, to play with herself while she

She moved her hand in time with the pounding bass line, and that felt even better. It was like her music was fucking her, fucking her body through her hand in her pussy, and fucking her brain through the sound in her ears.

The music had her, and she couldn’t stop if she wanted to. Not that she wanted to–it felt too good to even consider stopping. She wanted nothing but to dance to the music’s beat, let it fuck her brain and body. She just wanted to surrender to it and let it control her.

The thought of her roommate finding her like this in their living room suddenly passed through her mind, and she nearly came at the idea. She belonged to the music he loaned her. The music controlled her, and he owned the music. Controlled the music.

He controlled her–and at that thought, she did cum.

Afterwards, she lay there happily while the music continued to fuck her brain. She knew what it was doing, knew it was turning her into a slave,  but she was too far gone. She wanted it now.

She was owned now.

(Image removed because I couldn’t find a source for it. It was a blonde woman, wearing large headphones and masturbating.)