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Full of the bliss of servitude, Frankie went directly to her bandmates and told them about her newfound slavery.

They didn’t understand. She fought, but they took her ring. Instantly, it all shifted. She no longer obeyed Paul, no longer belonged to him, no longer loved him.

“Thank you,” she sobbed, collapsing to the ground in tears. “You have no idea…”

After she told her story, the others let her rest, with only Rochelle to watch over her, while they talked about what had happened.

“Can you believe this?” Mollie asked the other two.

“No,” said Vanessa. “It’s crazy!”

“I dunno,” said Una, gazing at the ring in her hand, sparkling as she turned it in the light. “The ring is… really pretty…”

“No!” cried Vanessa, and snatched it out of Una’s hand. Keeping her eyes averted, she wrapped it in a handkerchief.

Una sighed in relief. “Thank you,” she said. “I think it almost got me…”

The three talked further, and decided to find out from Frankie where they could find this Paul guy and kick his ass. They returned to the room where she was resting to find Rochelle and Frankie waiting for them, three rings sparkling on the table.

“Oh no…” moaned Una, staring at the rings on the table. Beside her the other two girls did likewise.

“I’m sorry,” said Frankie.

“Don’t be,” said Rochelle. Then to the other girls: “Don’t fight. Frankie showed me the ring Paul had given her for me, and I tried to resist. It just delayed the happiness I feel now. We belong to Paul.”

Una moaned and picked up a ring off the table. She sighed blissfully as she slid it onto her fingers, her head falling back on her shoulders and her eyes half-closing. “We belong to Paul,” she agreed. She smiled at Una and Vanessa. “Oh, she’s right, it’s wonderful!”

Rochelle reached out, a ring of her own sparkling on her finger. She picked one of the rings off the table and held it out toward Mollie, who started to reach for it, then stopped.

“I…” said Mollie. “I don’t…”

“Shh,” said Rochelle, and slid the ring onto Mollie’s finger.

“Oh!” Mollie squeaked. “Ohhh…”

Vanessa shook her head. “I won’t, I won’t, I’ll…” She licked her dry lips. She wanted to wear the ring so badly! But she knew the price… she had to stay free, in order to rescue her friends…

But she could struggle only weakly as Una and Mollie took her arms and frogmarched her to the table, where Rochelle took her hand and held it out for Frankie to slide the last ring onto it.

“Why..?” Vanessa managed to get out, unable to take her eyes off the ring in Frankie’s hand. “We… we freed you…”

“I know,” said Frankie. “I’m not under Paul’s control… but I still need to wear the ring. This was the only way I could get it back.” Then she slid the ring onto Vanessa’s finger.


Paul answered the knock on his door and smiled at the five beautiful young women standing in front of him, each with one of his rings glittering on her finger. They smiled as one.

“Please, Master,” they said in practiced unison. “Tell us how we can serve you?”

I think this is still my favourite ever caption. @midorikonton.

Well, that and the birthday series.

Thank you kindly, good sir. Still quite fond of this one myself.