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“Behold your new master, mortal,” the sea-elf told the young human.

“No…” she moaned, trying to turn her head. But the song of the elves had drawn her to their home on the shore, worming its way into her mind, until she she her clothes and joined their dances. She had tasted the sweet salt skin of their former queen, who had whispered in her ear of their new master, the one who had taught them these songs.

She no longer had the strength to disobey, just as the queen no longer had the strength to disobey the one who rose from the depths and strode toward them. He had no power over the human girl, no hold on her mind… but she had surrendered to the queen hours before, and the queen belonged to him.

She would serve. As soon, would so many others…

Models: Helly von Valentine and Gliese-581 (Julia)

Photographer: Unknown