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She knew that they were out there. They’d gotten several of her friends
already. But whatever they were doing had to involve drugs, maybe
surgery, subjects strapped into bulky equipment. There was no reason for
her to suspect something as small, light, and innocuous as a simple

But the moment she put it on, the circuitry hidden within it was activated by her own body’s electrical  field. It surrounded her head in a field of its own,  suppressing neurons here, triggering others there. Her eyes widened and face drooped as it became harder to think.

It was easier to just sit there and wait while they came to collect her. Making thoughts of her own was too hard, so she simply obeyed when they told her what to do, how to be, who she now was.

In time,  repetition and reinforcement would burn new pathways into her brain, and she wouldn’t even need the choker. Then the real training would begin…

(Image removed because I was unable to source it. It was a young woman in a corset showing a lot of cleavage and a choker.)