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Meg’s friend had recommended the book, said it was the hottest thing
she’d ever read. She’d never steered Meg wrong before, so she gave it a

That night, curious, she picked  up the book before getting ready to read. She sat on the edge of her bed and read the first few pages–and it really was incredibly hot. A woman–coincidentally named Meg, her friend hadn’t mentioned that–had a chance encounter with a mysterious, charismatic, intense man, and he swept her off her feet. Typical stuff, but it was well-written and the coincidence of the main character (who, from her description, even looked a little like Meg!) kept her going.

And it just kept getting hotter. The man was proud, independent, domineering, nothing like the men Meg normally went for. He demanded her devotion and dedication, and as the relationship went on, made even stronger demands that debased and humiliated her–but that just made it even hotter! The more controlling he became, the more Meg wanted him–and somewhere along the line she’d stopped differentiating between herself the reader and the character in the book.

Finally, as turned on as she’d ever been in her life, she put the book down so she could pop open her jeans. She glanced at the clock as she did: it was already 2 am! She hesitated for a moment, considering whether to go to sleep or keep reading. Finally she decided she was too horny to sleep, so she’d play with herself while she read and go to sleep once she came.

The very next line of the book was the man telling  Meg she wasn’t allowed to cum without his permission anymore. She whimpered, but it was exciting to obey, to stroke her pussy enough to keep herself on edge without cumming, until the man in the book said to.

She read on. The sun rose as she reached the final chapter, still edging, her eyes glued to the book. Meg realized  that she was becoming the man’s slave, that she wanted nothing more than to serve him faithfully in all ways, surrendering her body, mind, and soul as his property. She called him “Master,” and finally, finally she was allowed to cum.

When she was done screaming and shaking, she read the final page of the book. Master wanted her to loan the book to the sexiest woman she knew who hadn’t yet read it, and then wait for him to come for her.

She smiled as she thought of her sister Bridget. She’d love the book, and Master would love her. She couldn’t wait to meet him!

(Image removed as I couldn’t find a source for it. It was a GIF of a girl reading a book and masturbating.)