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Beautiful, isn’t she? Trapped in that moment of anger, fear, and
confusion when she realized the device at her forehead gave me–or
anyone else who holds her controller–complete power over her. She
probably would have tried to kill me if I hadn’t ordered her to freeze.

Silly thing tried to infiltrate my harem, can you believe it? Something about me enslaving her sister or lover or whatever–we’ve all heard it before. My good girls turned her in immediately, of course.

Oh no, she still has her own will, and she can hear everything we say.  Why keep the fun of breaking her to myself? Any one of us could teach her all about her proper place as a sextoy.

So yes, quite a prize. Lovely, spirited, daring, helpless, ready to be trained. Shall we start the bidding at 200,000?

Model: Jasmine A.

Photographer: Stefan Soell

Source: Femjoy