Bethany woke up–well, she didn’t exactly wake, she moved smoothly from sleep to trance without a moment of consciousness in between–to find herself lying naked, face down on top of the covers. Miles was lying next to her, and she could feel his warm body against her skin as he whispered in her ear. “…happy and blank for me, pretty girl,” he said, rubbing her pussy smoothly and evenly in time to his words. She had no idea how long he’d been talking to her; vague, dreamlike memories of a voice programming her thoughts blended so easily with slumber that it was easy to imagine him doing this to her all night long.

“That’s it,” he purred, as she slowly began to squirm under his relentless touch. “It feels so good to be blank and open and compliant. You want to be programmed to obey.” Bethany could already hear herself beginning to moan a little; Miles had a knack for making complete surrender sound like the sexiest thing in the world. She had long ago lost track of how many mornings she’d woken to the sound of his voice melting her mind into malleable acceptance while his fingers teased her body into blank and drowsy bliss.

Which was probably why she responded so easily. “It feels good to be blank and open and compliant,” she murmured, her voice a sleepy monotone. She didn’t really think about the words at all, even as she heard herself repeat them–the part of her mind that thought about things simply hadn’t woken up yet. She was listening only with the part of her brain that agreed and accepted. Everything she heard went deep into her subconscious, turning into just another thought in her head when she woke. “I want to be programmed to obey.”

Or at least, that was what Bethany thought was happening. “You feel so much pleasure when I brainwash you. You can’t resist my power over your mind and body.” It was kind of hard to be really certain how well the programming was working, because Bethany had always gotten turned on by mind control. The suggestions were just reinforcing and strengthening what was already there, which made it tricky for Bethany to judge how much of her thoughts were truly her own at any given moment. (Which was ludicrously fucking hot.)

“I feel… so much pleasure. When you, ohhh. When you brainwash me. I, I can’t, ogod, can’t resist… unnnh, your power over. Over my mind. Mmmh! And body!” Bethany’s voice was becoming unsteady now, as the inexorable pleasure of Miles’ touch brought her closer and closer to release. That was why it didn’t matter how well the brainwashing took root in her mind. Whether she found herself thinking his words because she was programmed to, or just because they were sexy as all fuck, it was still so fucking good that she craved more. She wriggled back against his hand, her buttocks rising up into the air as her body sought more and more of his touch. It wasn’t until his cock slid into her that she remembered that this, too, was part of her programming. But all that did was make it even better when he fucked her.

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