The Resting Room

Horace felt a little uncomfortable as he milled amongst the
guests. He hadn’t been working at the company for very long and this was the
first BMBO garden party he had attended. Naturally he felt privileged to be
working in a field with so many sexy women at his disposal and to have climbed
to an executive position was something he was personally proud of. Still Horace
felt it was going to take some time to get used to the unique rules and
regulations of the firm.

Horace headed back to the beverage table and dunked another
cup into the punchbowl. The nerves were causing him to drink more than usual added
to the fact that he was finding it difficult to connect with the fellow guests.
Everyone seemed to know each other well and Horace didn’t quite yet have a
solid connection with his senior executive boss. The event was being held on
the grounds of his lavish stately home and he was determined to make a good
impression. Still when he finally had a chance to talk to him it was to ask where
the restrooms were.

“Up the stairs first door on the left” he replied with both
a smile and a suspicious wink.

Horace’s mind was racing as he entered the building and
followed his instructions. Was he being friendly, patronising or a little of
the two? He was vaguely aware of the sign on the door as he pushed it aside and
only considered for a second why it was called the resting room. The thought
dashed from his mind though at what he encountered inside.

“Finally, I was wondering when someone was going to come
in”, she exclaimed excitedly.

The girl made him freeze in stunned surprise. She was
gorgeous. The way her thick brunette hair cascaded down her shoulders
complimented with her pale skin beautifully. He was drawn immediately to her
tits protruding out of the tight fitting corset with the dangling tassels
whilst her thin frame was heightened on matching coloured heels which drew her
soft eyes level with his. She must have taken his slightly agog mouth as
confusion rather than surprise.

“Oh, you must have been looking for the toilets. You’re
mistaken I’m afraid. This is the resting room, a place for you guys to get some
relieve. We’ve got a basin for you to wash and a selection of colognes so you
can freshen up”.

She waved her hands over the items like a promotions girl,
her hips giving an involuntary jiggle.

“Now let me see”, she muttered scanning her eyes over his
body. “I think I know just the one that would suit you”.

She grabbed a thin black bottle and sprayed a little on her
wrist. When she offered it out to him Horace felt his cock stiffen, his bladder
needs quickly disappearing.

“Who are you?” He said the words stumbling out of his mouth
before he had a chance to think.

“They call me Nova, close to being a completed man toy. I’m
part of the bimbo team programme you see. The last part of my training is
placement experience which is how I ended up here. As long as I’m a good girl I
should pass in the next few weeks”.

He could see in her glazed eyes just how much she’d been
brainwashed which made him confident she had been kidnapped and forcibly
enrolled into the ranks of BMBO. Horace wasn’t complaining though. If he had
objections he wouldn’t be working for the company. After a nod of confirmation
he allowed Nova to spray the cologne on his neck. She was so close that he
could feel her warm breath and when he looked down he saw her bountiful chest

“Now then you look tense” she purred. “I have a chair over
here. I could give you a relaxing neck message or perhaps a blowjob would

Nova’s offhand manner at such an intimate offering made him
chuckle. Horace of course chose the latter which was met by a sulky pout.

“I did a special massage course in the programme but nobody
ever lets me practice on them” she sighed as she bent down. “I’m really good

“I’m sure you are” Horace sighed, settling in the seat and
burying a hand in her locks.

She was every bit the expert in the cock sucking department.
Despite her glamourous appearance her technique was enough to coax every last
bit of cum from his balls. It was almost like Nova could read his body. The
slightest touch and tickle came at the perfect time and yet she was able to
tease him enough that he didn’t blow his load immediately and risk damaging his
pride. When he was spent she cleaned up every last bit with her feline tongue
and grinned from ear to ear in pleasurable bliss.

“I think you’re all set” she whispered rubbing his thigh

Horace had almost forgotten that the event was still in full
swing outside. He would have liked nothing more than to stay in the resting
room with Nova but he understood that she was providing a service that others
would no doubt like to take advantage of. With a last stroke of the hair and a
play on her enticing tits he left.

When Horace was back outside he felt like something had
shifted. His nerves and apprehension had fizzled away but it was more than
that. It was only now that he truly felt like he was of them, a true member of
BMBO. As he got involved in the group discussions he caught sight of the senior
executive. Now he understood the smile, wink and raised glass and this time he
responded in turn.

It seemed that working for BMBO would be the highlight of
his career.

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