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He’s in my head. I have to resist!
If I surrender, I might never break free! I can feel myself getting turned on,
but that’s him. My breasts ache for his touch, but that’s not me feeling it. I
want to display my body to him, want him to fuck me, but that’s not real.

If I give in, he’ll take me. Use me.
Fuck me. I want it so badly, but if I surrender, I’ll be his slave forever. It
would feel too good for me to ever want to give it up. I would fight to stay
his slave.

I can feel him gaining, making me
want it more and more. How can I resist when I want to lose? But when I
surrender, I’ll never break free. How can I? I can’t fight my body and him at
the same time. I want him to take me.

I want to be his.

I am his.

He’s in my head. I can’t resist.
I’ve surrendered, and I’ll never break free.

Model: Sara Malakul Lane