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When she turned on the shower, not a single drop of water came out.
Instead, there was a hissing sound, a curious smell, and nothing else.

Not a bad smell, though. There was something tantalizingly familiar about it,  hard to place but appealing. She leaned up closer to the showerhead and tried to puzzle out what it was. Her head swam with half-formed thoughts, but nothing that made sense; just the increasing pleasantness of the smell and the fuzziness rapidly overtaking her.

Ten minutes later, the door opened and the new pool manager walked in. She smiled at him, eyes as empty as her head. She was ready for him to fill with whatever thoughts he wanted, and then after that he would enjoy filling other parts of her.

First, though, he had to program the other four women in the showers…

(Image removed as I couldn’t source it. It was a woman standing naked, smiling, in front of a shower.)