God, isn’t she hot?

I mean, I always thought my girlfriend was a looker. But with Master PC I’ve definitely had some fun.

Sometimes the best thing is just watching her squirm. She spent a good 10 minutes this morning trying to put on that shirt. Every time she got on one sleeve, the other would inexplicably fall down. She’d try to button it up, and somehow end up tying it around her waist.

You see, I had instructed her to always show off her tits. So no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t bring herself to cover them up.

And why would she want to? I had perkified them up to perfect double-Ds, and programmed her so that it would turn her on whenever she caught someone checking them out.

OK, I’ve got to go now. I can tell by the look on her face that she’s going to ask me to change her back. Don’t worry, though. She’ll try to ask, but instead end up offer to prepare snacks for when all my friends come over tonight to hang out.