They were so carefree now, so devoted,
so adoring.

Long-forgotten was their silly, rather
pathetic attempts to resist Mistress, their begging and pleading to
be let go, their futile efforts at convincing themselves they weren’t
succumbing. It all felt so long ago now, at least to them. Not that
it mattered anyway. The past was over, their old lives over too –
this was their purpose now, and they knew that. They’d found their

Mistress cooed happily and squirmed as
her erstwhile friends – now dumb, happy pets – lapped
worshipfully at her. She felt they deserved it. They’d been very good
lately, after all. Some former pets had shown reluctance in luring
their other friends in to meet their new Mistress, but these two had
been practically eager to do so. Such good girls.

She stroked their hair and idly
wondered where she might keep them all.