So hard to hold onto those worries when


hammering into you, isn’t it?

You know you shouldn’t give in so
easily because you can tell you’re getting cock-drunk. But it’s just
so hard because anytime you try to pull your thoughts together

(unh oh fuck)

they – they – ?


(oh God unh unh)

It’s happening again, isn’t it?

told yourself this time would be different. That you could control
yourself. But that was before he

(unh oh my God)

started fucking you like this. Was it always this good? Was it this
good last time? You can’t remember. You can’t think at all. Your
brain is just a


puddle and most of it is gushing out
around him as he fucks you.

(oh please)

But that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong
with enjoying this. Nothing wrong with just switching your brain off
and melting into a moaning, panting, drooling mess fucking back
against him.

(unh oh fuck yes)

So what are you waiting for?