“Please Sir, please,” she whined,
grinding against him, feeling his cock harden. “Please fuck me.
I’ve been waiting aalllll day for you please, please…”

He just chuckled and tucked some of her
hair out of the way, planting a kiss on the neck that set her
trembling. Her hips jerked and the bulge in his trousers pressed
against her mound. She gasped again, eyes fluttering shut. This was
too much.

“Please Sir…” she whimpered, need
making her voice weak. Nothing else in the whole world mattered at
that moment. There was only him and only his cock. She ground against
it without a care, dignity forgotten. Her need was all and he was

“I’ll do anything, Sir, please, just
fuck me. Put me on a leash and walk me like a dog. Fuck me in the
garden so the neighbours can watch. Just please please Sir I need it

In her head it had been days since Sir
had used her last, and every one had been an eternity. In her head
she thought she was being punished for something, something bad she’d
done. She wanted to show Sir how sorry she was. She was willing to do
anything to show him. Anything.

But that was just in her head. In
reality she’d never met this man before in her life. In reality she’d
been fucked only an hour or so before by another man she’d thought
was Sir and her owner. She’d cum hard on his cock – like she’d cum
on every cock that ever used her – and her brain had wiped back to
the nice, happy, blank state that was it’s baseline.

The state that told her she was wet,
needy, naughty and that she should beg Sir to show him how sorry she

Over and over. Forever.