The doorbell went. Molly was just in
her pyjamas. She’d just sat down.

For a second she thought about just
ignoing it. She wasn’t expecting anyone and it was late enough that
whoever was ringing the bell was probably just a rude bastard.

Something nagged at her though.
Something wouldn’t let her leave it alone. Not really knowing why she
got up and answered it, keeping herself mostly hidden behind the door
as she did.

There was a man there.

“Ah, good,” the man said.

Molly meant to say something in reply but he cut
her off, putting a finger to her lips and stepping through the door.

“It’s alright, you don’t need to say
a word,” he said, moving just up the hall and looking in through
the first door to the lounge. “In here’s fine. Close the door.”

She watched as he disappeared from
view, leaving her standing dumbly, mouth hanging open. She couldn’t
think of what to do. She tried, she really did, but every time she
got anywhere her brain just seemed to cut out. All that mattered was
that he was here and he’d told her to do something.

Shut the door.

Go into the room with him.

Everything else was
fuzzy and hard to think about. Molly shut the door and, heart
pounding, followed after him, nervously tugging at the bottom of her
baggy pyjama top. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

Once he saw she was in the room he
walked over. His hand going to her hips, he steered her to a sofa,
bent her over and started fucking her. It was so sudden Molly barely
had time to hear his flies unzip before he was buried balls deep in
her, and by then it was too late.

He wants this.

Moan for him.

She moaned. She couldn’t stop herself.
She had to. She had no choice.

Molly’s hands clawed at the sofa
cushions as he fucked her, slap echoing around the room with each
thrust as he held her down in place. Her moans became wordless
squeaks of dumb pleasure as he picked up speed, the sofa tilting
forward further and further each time he slammed into her.

He came with a groan, emptying into
her. Molly groaned too, cumming as he came. She’d never done
that before. The feel of him twitching, of his cum
filling her up – it had been all she’d needed.

He gave her a pat on the rear once he’d
pulled out.

“Good girl,” he said. “Kitchen
next. Come on.”


You must obey.

He fucked her in every room in the
house before he left. Twice in the bedroom, after he’d had
her clean him off. It was night-time when he was done. Molly was basically a puddle. A
sprawled, limp mess of a girl with cum leaking freely from between
her legs. She’d ended up naked during the fuck in the kitchen. Not
that she’d cared.

“Good girl,” he said, giving her a
little kiss on the forehead before he left.

Molly, panting, barely noticed him go.