So this is a problem. For those that don’t know, this November MA is putting a question up on whether the transgender nondiscrimination law that was passed in 2016 should be repealed.

If this law gets repealed, transgender residents will face discrimination in public places and will have to by law use the restroom based on their assigned sex at birth, not what they identify as.

For those in other states who might be thinking “Oh, this won’t affect me at all!

It will.

If this law gets repealed, the opponents (the people who approve of the repeal) will try to eliminate transgender protection laws across the United States.

Keep in mind, this article was at the back of the Pride magazine I picked up at a movie theater. Not many people I’ve talked to seem to know that this is going to happen.

I knocked on people’s doors in Quincy to tell them about this two weekends ago. It’s really important!