From Chrystal Heights:

Amanda woke with a smile. 

She was smiling because she had some evil plans for her boyfriend Jeffrey. Just before they went to sleep the previous night, Amanda had cast a delayed submissive oral compulsion spell on Jeffrey. She was going to wake him up and he’d been spending the entire morning making her breakfast and licking her pussy. In fact, he’d be licking her pussy first and then after the first ten orgasms or so, she’d send him in to make some coffee. Then he’d come back with her coffee and lick her pussy some more. And maybe she’d make him wear her panties all day as well. A little something to keep him in his place.

She giggled at her evil plan. Satisfied with the details, she rolled onto her belly, took Jeffrey’s cock in her mouth and began blowing him with enthusiasm.

After a few moments she blinked, suddenly realizing what she was doing. But she couldn’t stop herself. She continued sliding her warm, wet mouth over Jeffrey’s rigid cock.

Jeffrey yawned, then glanced down sleepily at Amanda.

“Good morning,” he said to the blonde head bobbing over his cock. “I see you decided to get an early start.”

“Mmmmmppphhh! Mmmmmppphhh!”

Jeffrey chuckled. “I’m sorry…I mean, you meant for me to get an early start. Well, I had a counter-spell in place. Sends the spell back to the caster three-fold, actually, so you’re going to be spending a lot of time of your knees and belly the next few days, babe.”

“Mmmmmppphhhh! Mmmmmppphhh!”

“Well, look on the bright side, babe,” said Jeffrey. “You’re pretty good with your mouth and tongue, so it won’t take too long. In fact, I’m about to come now. So while we’re waiting for me to get hard again, you’ll have plenty of time to make me some coffee.”