She’d finally done it. Tasha looked down at Lucy, lying on the bed and staring up at her with a dull, vacant stare, and felt a surge of heat flash through her dripping cunt. It had worked. All those hours of soft whispers, quiet murmurs, slow and gentle brainwashing… it had finally paid off. The most talented pussy licker in New York City was mindless, blank, and obedient. And Tasha knew just what to do with that. She stripped naked and straddled her hypnotized toy’s face, eager to begin.

“Breathe deep,” she cooed to her new slave. “Let the scent of my arousal fill your lungs and your mind. You don’t need to think any more. You just need to please your Mistress.” She pressed her wet cunt down against Lucy’s lips, and a sudden, choked gasp escaped her mouth as Lucy’s tongue began to lavish attention on her pussy. She had no idea it would feel this good. She… she had no idea it could feel this good. Lucy had a gift for finding the exact spot that needed to be touched at the exact moment Tasha needed it. It was beyond amazing. It was beyond hot.

“Th-that’s it,” Tasha said, her voice filled with quiet awe as she struggled to find her voice. “Just, just keep going, just like… just like that, like… hhhhhhh…” It was getting surprisingly difficult to think in words. The way Lucy’s tongue kept driving deeper, spiking down between Tasha’s soaking folds to flick and tickle at places Tasha had never been licked before… Tasha felt like her mind was arrowing in on the sensation until it was hard to think of anything else. She was glad she had already programmed Lucy–there was no way she could keep her mind on hypnosis with this going on.

“You’re doing so well, you’re–gggh!” She just came, Tasha realized distantly from beneath a tidal wave of pleasure. How long had it taken Lucy to make her cum? A minute? Two? Her hesitant, bewildered calculation was interrupted by another orgasm, following hard on the heels of the first. Lucy’s tongue didn’t stop, it kept pushing Tasha’s body from one peak of pleasure to the next. “Y-you, oh god, you’re… I… oh god please don’t stop,” Tasha moaned, barely noticing the desperation in her voice.

“Is that what you want?” Lucy mumbled between licks, her tongue furiously lashing Tasha’s clit. “You want more pleasure? Endless pleasure? You want to cum again for me?” Her eyes were no longer vacant. They glittered with excitement, framed by Tasha’s thighs as her mouth worked away at Tasha’s dripping cunt. “Because you can. As many times as you want. As many times as you need. There’s just… something you need to say first.”

Tasha tried to wonder when Lucy had snapped out of her trance, whether she’d ever truly succeeded at taming the other woman or if this had been a trap all along. But she couldn’t think. All her hypnotic words had melted into arousal like her mind was a sweet syrup dripping out of her cunt, and Lucy was licking it all away. Leaving just two words, words that echoed in Tasha’s brain until she couldn’t stop herself from saying them. “Please, Mistress,” she wailed, desperately grinding herself against Lucy’s face.

“Good girl,” Lucy purred, the words slightly muffled by Tasha’s flesh. With a smile, she licked her new toy to yet another helpless climax.

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