“Yes Master,” she says, although she no longer really knows what she’s agreeing to. Her eyes are vacant, dull, seeing nothing but the fog that fills her mind as she stares straight ahead and repeats the only words still remaining in her head. Everything else has been reduced to warm, sticky pleasure that suffuses her whole body. She doesn’t remember where the pleasure comes from, only that she feels it when she stops thinking and obeys. She craves obedience now.

“Yes Master,” she says, semen dripping from her chin as she speaks. She doesn’t have a real memory of the blowjob she just gave; there are images and sensations in her mind, but she couldn’t connect them together into a narrative right now. That would require thinking in words, and the words in her mind have been completely silenced by pleasure. She can say them, repeat them, but it’s simply a matter of making empty sounds to please her Master. Her deep self, her slave self is completely in control now. And her slave self doesn’t need thoughts.

“Yes Master,” she says, the corners of her lips curled in a mindless smile as she repeats the words in response to her Master’s programming. She doesn’t have any other responses to give anymore; Master took the word ‘no’ out of her vocabulary, locked it away in the deepest vaults of her mind so that her only answer to anything he asks her is ‘yes Master’. The words still her thoughts now, blanketing her with docile, passive compliance until her surrender feels less and less like a conscious decision and more like an inevitability. She wanted to be hypnotized, but it feels even better to go so deep that ‘want’ isn’t even an issue anymore.

“Yes Master,” she says, cum dripping onto her tits as she stares mindlessly. She does everything mindlessly now; the trance has become so deep, so profound that she’s forgotten even that the possibility of thought exists. When she does wake, it will take several minutes of aftercare to bring her back to the point where she can stir her lethargic mind into words, and several hours before ‘yes Master’ stops coming to her lips as the instinctive response to everything he says. She likes that. It makes the programming feel so deliciously real.

“Yes Master,” she says, letting the words she hears slip past her consciousness without even listening to them. Anything she needs to know, her slave self will remind her of later. Anything she doesn’t need to know, her slave self will ensure that she seamlessly forgets. She has so many memories now that are simply elided with pure, brainfucking pleasure, and she knows that underneath that layer of bliss there’s a command she follows without even knowing it. That’s so fucking sexy to her. It makes her feel this hot all day, every day, like their sex never truly ends. She always belongs to him. She’s always in his power. Even when she’s wide awake, at work or out with friends or studying for tests, a part of her brain is constantly bound into obedience to Master’s will. She loves that.

“Yes Master,” she says. They’re the only words she wants right now.

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