You Know, it really Didn’t Take Long…

Ellie was sure it would have taken longer, but after leaving Carol alone for a few minutes, it was fairly obvious how quickly the incense and special candles were starting to take effect.

First She Became Sluggish…. Docile… Getting her to watch the videos was easy. Ellie just suggested it would be fun. Carol was happy to agree.

A few Spirals and subliminals later, Carol was more than Happy to let Ellie Massage that Growing Wetness between her legs. After All… it Felt Nice… It Felt Good… Ellie Just wanted to help her Feel Good.

20 Minutes in, and Carol had Stripped Down to her Panties. Everything else was just going to get in the way… Ellie told her So… Ellie was so Nice… So Sexy… So Right…

Everything But Ellie would Just get in the way…~