What are you doing here?! You can’t be in here! This is my dressing room! GET OUT!

Make you? Fine! Security!

What do you mean they’re not going to come? Ugh, I’m calling my agent. I should have never come to this backwater…

My phone? I’m turning off my…? I mean, yea, I’m turning off my phone.
What do you care? And I’m thinking now is a good time for you to leave!

You’re not going to… I-I don’t want you to…? Well… Why would you want to leave? You only just got here.

… My robe? Well, OK, let me take it off. Maybe that will entice you to stay. What do you think?

hey? You know, there are millions of men who would want to be in your
position right now. You should consider yourself pretty lucky.

… I feel- Mmm. I do feel kinda naughty standing here like this. I don’t do this for everyone, y’know.

yea. It’s like you read my mind. You don’t mind, do you? If I play with
myself a little? It helps me relieve stress before a big show. Oh, but
put your phone away, I-

… Don’t want you… Forget? Mmm… You’re right!
I can’t have you forgetting a once-in-a-lifetime event like this… As
long as it’s only for your own personal collection. My publicist would
have a fit if that got out…

Yea! Fuck ‘em! Fuck my image! I’m a dirty slut and the world should know! God… it feels so fucking gooooood!

Oh, yea, baby! I love it! Film me rubbing my slutty pussy. FIlm… Me! FILM MEEEEEE!

Fuck, that felt good. Hey, where did he go?

Great work, @tfsplash!