Kelsi couldn’t figure out why her best friend, Shannon, had started hanging out with Serena. Serena was a loner, hung out on the fringe of the social scene. She’d never been accepted in group that Kelsi and Shannon traveled with. They were the popular, the sorority sisters who were invited to every party. Serena barely made it to class, much less had time for the social scene.

When Shannon asked her to come over, Kelsi figured it was to apologize for ditching her all week to hang out with that weirdo, Serena. She was surprised when she walked in to her friend, Shannon, kneeling before Serena. No pants, shirt pulled up, tits out.
Kelsi was shocked. Even more so when Serena smiled at her and beckoned. “Oh good, you’re here. Shannon missed you so much, she made me promise to take you next.”
What? Take her?! Before Kelsi could move there was a noise and a sound.  A bright flash and a ringing in her ears.

The light faded.  When Kelsi could see again she saw her slave sister kneeling before Mistress.  “What just happened?” she asked.  

Mistress cocked an eyebrow.  “Does it matter?  Where is your place?”  

Kelsi flushed with embarassment.  She was completely out of place, questioning Mistress.  She quickly pulled her top down and removed her panties before kneeling next to slave sister.  “Yes Mistress.” 

Serena smiled.  Her gifts from the Church worked perfectly against those sluts from the sorority.  Soon enough she’d have them all worshipping her.  And from there, the entire greek council and then the school.  All would Fall before her… .