“… and awake!”

The grin started at her eyes, and slowly spread across her face, chasing away the blank and empty expression she’d just been wearing. She remembered it all, and it had felt even better than she’d ever fantasised it would.

It took her a moment to realise she still couldn’t move. No matter how hard she tried, her body was completely frozen in place. The only movements were involuntary … her slow, shallow breaths … her hardening nipples … the juice starting to drip …

She knew what was happening. The building arousal was melting her mind, melting it all away to make room for more and more arousal. She was helpless to stop it … already too deeply controlled to escape … and it was the hottest thing she’d ever imagined happening to herself.

The grin faded away in time with her receding sense of self. The last to go was the grin in her eyes, as her stare fixed on the distant horizon. Still she dripped, as the last corners of her mind finally felt the heat rising inside her.

The only sign that it was over was when her eyes rolled up into the back of her head, her mouth parting half-way open. If she got to cum, there was no outward indication at all.

The blanker she was on the outside, the better she felt on the inside. She believed that now. She believed anything now. She was a mindless doll, and she would obey.