A caption written by an anonymous benefactor. Thank you!

Nina Nesbitt was just coming off of a particularly crazy performance, probably one of her most energetic in quite sometime. The show wasn’t over yet but she felt the desperate need to sit down and just rest for at least five minutes. As she was heading to her backstage room, a timid but friendly fan crossed her path and predictably asked for her autograph.

“Nina?” the fan asked. “Could I have your autograph?”

At first she was mildly annoyed but less out of his presence and more out of just a desire to get to her room but quickly relented.

“Sure,” she responded with genuine if mildly forced enthusiasm. As she grab his pen and paper and began writing her name down for the fan, a weird noise came through her ear piece. She couldn’t figure out what it was and found herself slightly zoning out as she was writing her name down. All she could hear was a constant noise that was saying something; She couldn’t figure it out. A few seconds later, the fan was snapping his fingers to snap her out of it and Nina did with a slight shock of alarm.

“Ms. Nesbitt? Are you okay?” the fan asked with concern.

She shook her head and quickly responded, “Yeah, I’m fine! Don’t know why I did that.” She handed him the paper and in what seemed like a weird trade off, he handed her a drink.

“Uh, is there any reason why you gave me this?”, she questioned the fan.

“Some manager-looking guy told me to give this to you after you were done my autograph. Not sure why he picked me, though,” the fan said.

Nina rolled her eyes, once again her manger Phil fucking around and being a lazy ass. “Anyway, I hope you enjoy the rest of the show!”

“Thanks!” the fan said with excitement and ran off. As he did however, he took a sharp turn to the bathroom and pulled out what looked like an odd remote with a series of dials on it. “And now for phase two” he said with a devilishly devious tone, shedding the initially nervous facade he had went encountering Nina.

As Nina entered her room to take a sit and rest, she found herself having no desire to take off her ear piece and just found herself slowly but surely looking at the mirror in her room with a blank expression on her face. She kept hearing SOMETHING telling her things over it, things and desire she’s never heard before. Even though it was brief, it felt like it lasted an eternity. She just sat and stared and listened and sat and stared and listened and sat –

“Nina!” a voice boomed behind her door with a loud knock. “You’re on in five minutes, hurry up!”

Nina shook her head and scampered off to the stage to continue her performance.

Hours later….

Nina was in another outfit, long after the show and was standing in front of another mirror, this time in what looked like her home. She pulled out her phone and took a picture of herself almost robotically and sent it to another line not far from where she lived. Along with the picture, a text was sent along with it to the anonymous line simply stating:

“C u soon, master ;)”

She was going to have a unique night.