“Hmmm, no not this one.” I said to myself as I placed the book back on the shelf. I’d been searching for a specific book on hypnotism, but the book store didn’t seem to have it. With a sigh I turned to walk away when I heard a voice.

“Looking for something?”

I spun around. A cute boy in a hat smiled at me from down the aisle.

“Oh, just browsing.” I said.

“I noticed you looking through the books about hypnosis. Interesting stuff, huh?”

I shrugged, “Yeah you could say that. I’ve been interested in it lately.”

“You know, I could teach you a thing or two. After all I’m pretty experienced with that sort of thing.”

“Oh really?” I said sarcastically.

“Definitely, you’d be surprised. Why don’t we talk about it over lunch?”

I smirked, “You’re not trying to hypnotize me into a date with you right know are you?” I chuckled.

He smiled that smile of his again. Something about it caught my eye.

“Well let’s find out shall we?”

I smiled back and took his arm, “Lunch it is.”


It had been about an hour, we’d finished eating at the cafe and sat across from each other chatting. Overall I was having a good time, even though I’d just met the guy. There was something about him, his eyes were so nice and almost seemed to glow.

“Hey, you still there?”

I snapped out of my daydream.

“Y-yeah! What were you saying?”

He chuckled, “You seem distracted.”

“No just thinking about stuff.”

“What sort of stuff?”

“Just.. stuff. Anyway, you were gonna tell me more?”

He leaned back, “Right. So the most important thing is that the person wants to be hypnotized and do the things you tell them. Even if it’s subconscious and they don’t realize it, it’s very important.”

“So a willing subject?”

“Right. Obviously I couldn’t have hypnotized you to go on this date with me if you didn’t want to. Right?”


“That’s what this is, isn’t it? A date? I mean we are hanging out and enjoying ourselves, and we’re going back to my place later right?”

I stammered trying to think of how to respond. I looked into his eyes, his beautiful glowing eyes. Then it all seemed calm.

“Yeah, a date.” I said, and smiled.

“Good girl.”

I didn’t mean to, but a giggle slipped out. It just happened.

“Why don’t we get out of here then, hmm?”

I nodded and followed him out, he wrapped his arm around my waist as he walked me back to his place. I was smiling the whole time.


What a wonderful date it had been. We were at his place, sitting on the couch watching a movie. I snuggled next to his warm body laying my head on his shoulder.

“Isn’t this romantic?” He asked.

I giggled again, “It is.”

He reached over caressing my neck, then giving a playful tug on my ponytail.

“I’m glad I ran into a cutie like you.”

I snuggled closer to him, “So am I.”

He yawned and gave a stretch, “It’s a little warm in here don’t you think?”

“I guess so.”

“You should really take off that shirt of yours.”

“I-what?” I blushed, I’d only just met him.

“But I’m not wearing a b-”

He took my chin in his hand and tilted my head up, my eyes met his.

“It’s only natural to be topless around your boyfriend.”


His eyes glowed again. They were so beautiful. I smiled and let out a sigh.

“You’re right sweetheart.”

Without hesitation I removed my shirt, letting my breasts bounce free out from under it. He looked satisfied and gave one of my nipples a pinch.

“Such a silly good girl.”

It felt so nice when he called me that. I sank into his arms and closed my eyes, content. His hands began to roam around me, feeling my every curve. It felt so good to be loved by my boyfriend.

“Hey babe?”

I looked up at him, “Yes?”

“You’d do anything for me, right?”

“Of course.” I smiled adoringly up at him.

“Get on your knees, and suck.”


“You said you’d do anything. Right?”

I blushed, “But we’ve only just started dating! We don’t even know each other’s names!”

He just smiled again, placing one hand on my chin and the other on the back of my head.

“Well, what’s yours?”

“W-Wendy. And yours?”

“Just call me… master.”

I saw something in his eyes again, that brilliant glow. But this time more intense, a flash. He leaned in, placing his soft lips against my own. I felt the glow of his eyes on me, inside of me. It was so amazing, like I could feel it in every fiber of my body. My thoughts began to swim and go crazy, but just as quickly they all stopped and grew silent. My entire mind just empty except for the feeling of his kiss and the glow of his eyes. I couldn’t see it but I knew my own eyes began to glow just like his, taking on that beautiful color. Everything seemed so right, so perfect.

I felt something happening down below, he was unzipping my pants. I didn’t care. I was too enthralled by the way his tongue crept between my lips into my mouth. Suddenly a hand, his fingers down inside of me. It felt so good, so right, so perfect. Like every move he made just brought me endless pleasure. My mind seemed to melt at his gaze. His free hand took my own and guided it somewhere, my fingers found themselves wrapping around something warm and hard. Instinctively I started pumping my hand up and down in a slow rhythm like I knew I should.

Finally he pulled away, a trail of drool ran down my cheek onto my tits. He took his hand away from my wet pussy and tenderly stroked my face with it, wiping me in my own juices. It felt nice.

“So, how about it?”

I grinned devilishly and got onto the floor, gazing up into his eyes.

“Yes master.”

I opened my mouth wide and took his gorgeous hard cock into my needy wet mouth. As I bobbed my head up and down, the last of my thoughts finally turned off.

I knew this was the start of a beautiful relationship. ❤

Story written by a pervy lass whom needed convincing. Art by me~