Brenda’s career had come to a halt. She’d tried to make the jump from the kids show to more adult fare, but she couldn’t land a show that lasted longer than a season.

It was time for something drastic, something different.

Her agent had told her of this “unique opportunity” out in a small Midwest town. Not exactly commercial work but close. An up and coming organization needed an attractive spokeswoman. She’d been asked to apply. Brenda didn’t want to leave the coast, but the money was fantastic and, frankly, it had been a while since her last paying gig. And so she had come to Rivertown.

The organization turned out to be a Church. Brenda was immediately wary. She’d seen too many friends in the industry caught up in cults and other pseudo religious BS. She wasn’t going to fall down that rabbit’s hole. Not her.
But the people had been so polite, so nice, and the money was really good. Her guide explained that the Church didn’t want her to do anything she was uncomfortable with. All they asked is she watch their orientation video, see if she liked what she saw. Just give the Church a few hours of her time and a chance.

Brenda had been watching the orientation video for 2 hours when quiet people came in and asked if she would change her clothes. The new outfit we very revealing. Black leather, garters, and a very transparent top. Brenda didn’t object. In fact, she didn’t respond at all, just quickly changed into the costume and continued to watch.

The guide glanced at his watch. By his estimate Brenda only needed another hour of the video before she would be ready to Fall completely. Soon Brenda Song would be singing for the Church. And with her endorsement, more would come to Fall with her.

All will Fall.