Andrea wondered if somehow the creepy nerd was following her. Even though she was behind him the whole way. He kept going t all the sections she needed to.
After a while, she realized he wasn’t creepy. He was kind of interesting, though she could not tell you why. She left her cart and started following him around. She could not take her eyes of the animated pinwheel on the back of his tee. There were words too, though they seemed to flash to fast for her to read.
It was such an fun shirt, she just had to follow him around. Finally he turned around and asked: “are you following me.”
“Um, maybe.” She replied.
“You know, those look like very nice tits.” He told her. She felt like she should be upset, but instead she giggled.
“Would you like to see them?”
“I think everyone would like to see them. Then we can go home.”
So Andrea showed the entire store her tits before Master took her home. He was a nice master, fucking her brains completely out that first night. She followed him every where he went, showing her tits, unless he said otherwise.