Sidney was creeped out by the way all the other women acted at the office. They all did everything they were told, no matter how lewd.
Not that she was worried. The men never asked her to do any of that. They probably just took advantage of women they knew would do it.
Still, she felt guilty acting so superior. Which is why she agreed to let them throw her a birthday party.
The stripper was a surprise. She did not mind so much, even though he “danced” to really lame dub step that seemed to make her dizzy. When the girls encouraged her to give him a handjob, she figured she would humor them.
When his jizz hit her cheeks, chin and lips though, everything changed. Gone was the old Sidney, here to stay was the new, more fun Sidney.
“Alright ladies,” Mr. Morrison chided them. “Party’s over. Sidney, it’s time for my afternoon blowjob.”
“Of course sir.” She wiggled after him, excited to get a nother dose of cum.