“The less I wear…the less I think.” Adrianna loved that moment of hesitation in her voice, the slow pause as she struggled to remember exactly how her new mantra went. If was proof that the command was working; the same words that came to her swiftly and easily when she was fully dressed now felt like they were drifting up to the surface of her mind through a sea of thick, sweet syrup.

“The less I wear, the, um…the less I think.” Adrianna let the bra slip off, and moaned out the last few words as Master’s fingers found her nipples. His eyes sparkled with excitement, and Adrianna couldn’t help getting lost in them–she wasn’t hypnotized right now, not exactly, but her thoughts were deliciously sluggish and his stare always felt hypnotic to her and it was so very easy to just let go and relax. Adrianna was a good subject and a good girl. Not going into trance for Master took more willpower than she had at the moment.

“The…” Adrianna whimpered in pleasure as Master caressed her tingling nipples. “The less I, I wear…the, the, um…less I think.” Her mind felt so wonderfully foggy and blank, the act of hooking her fingers into the waistband of her panties more instinctive than conscious. Thoughts of her research project and laboratory politics and grant applications seemed like they were miles away–she knew that having her intelligence hypnotically sucked out of her brain for an hour or two a day wasn’t exactly the usual form of stress relief, but Master understood what she needed. Master knew that sometimes, all Adrianna wanted to be was a good girl.

“Mmmmm…” And he was happy to give it to her. “The ohhhh, the less I…” His fingers were everywhere now, slipping into the growing gap between her panties and her cunt, finding her clit, swirling inside her wet pussy with expert ease. “The less I…” She couldn’t remember the next word anymore, she knew it was either ‘wear’ or ‘think’ but it was so hard to recall which was right. “The less I…” She tried going back to the beginning, just like Master trained her to do, but every time she started over it just reminded her how hard it was to think and how good that felt, and Master’s hand was right there, fucking her so good…

“The less…I…the…the less…the…ohhhhh..” The panties fell to the floor. And Adrianna trailed off into blissful silence, her eyes and mind completely blank.

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the less i wear, the less i think