Titans Together, Part 7

So I just realized I have several old commissioned captions I was supposed to make public and never did. So I’ll be posting them over the next few days. Enjoy!

Commission for Jurodan based on pictures and outline they provided. Commission your own captions via my Patreon!

(Continued from this post)

The next morning, at
breakfast, Cyborg, Robin, Starfire, and Terra sat munching waffles in silence. It
would have been stillness as well, but Terra kept shifting around –she just
couldn’t seem to find a position to sit comfortably. She was mentally uncomfortable,
too–what happened the previous night with Raven kept running through her head.

Finally, she gave up and
asked the question. “Have any of you noticed Raven acting a bit…”
her confidence gave out at the last second, so she finished with, “…odd?”

“Phew, it’s not just
me!” Robin exclaimed, putting down his fork. “Last night she was so
strange. She…” He hesitated, glanced at Starfire. “We did some…

“Oh!” said
Starfire. “Like the rituals of the friendship? We did that as well–the
shopping, and the making out!”

Robin and Terra blushed, and
Cyborg cleared his throat. “We uh, we did as well…”

The four friends all looked
at each other, the realization dawning that all four had fucked or been fucked
by Raven in a single night.

“So yeah, something odd
is definitely going on with her.”

“Something great,”
corrected Beast Boy as he walked in, one arm around Raven’s waist.

“I’m glad you like
it,” said Raven with a sultry smile. She was wearing her hooded cape and
bejeweled belt, and that was it; Terra couldn’t help but stare at the
graceful, eye-catching way she moved.

“Raven!” Robin
said, startled. “What are you wearing!”

Starfire looked confused.
“She is wearing the normal clothing, is she not?”

“Not much of the
normal clothing,” said Cyborg.

“Yes, it’s part of the
changes that are going to be happening around here,” Raven said.

“Changes?” Terra
asked, getting increasingly concerned. This isn’t like her. She might be
under some villain’s control!

“Yes,” said Raven.
“I’m very happy with the way I am now, and I don’t want you trying to
change me back. And besides, you’re my friends, and I want to share my newfound
happiness with you–just like I already did with Beast Boy.” She gestured,
and before any of the others could react, tendrils of dark energy leaped from
her hand to strike all four right between the eyes.

Terra felt like she’d
been plunged into a vortex of pure sensation. Heat blossomed through her body,
pleasure exploding through her mind. Her inhibitions, her hesitations, her distrust,
all drowned in a torrent of passionate need, an unquenchable flame that
would drive her forever more.

For Starfire, it was like an explosion of bubbling, joyous
energy. It poured through her, an electric, tingling feeling that went on and
on without end, a pure delight in her body, in every body, that
absolutely demanded to be shared, a laughing shouting bursting orgasm without

And for the boys, it was pure animal need, a powerful hunger
that cried out to be sated.

As the spell ended, Beast Boy grabbed Starfire’s hand and
pulled her out of the room. Giggling, she raced to her bedroom, where he flung
her down onto the bed. Kissing passionately, they struggled out of their
clothes, only making it half out of them before Starfire wrapped her legs
around his waist and pulled him into her.

Original art by Aeolus 3x. Colored by RisenHentaiDemon.

Meanwhile, Terra leaped across the table at Cyborg. He
caught her easily, and with a whirr the panel hiding his cock slid open.
“Ooooh,” Terra cooed at the sight of it, and slid down his torso to
start riding him right there on the breakfast table.

Robin pinned Raven against the wall, his hard cock rubbing
against her slick, naked inner thigh. She bit his ear, then whispered,
“Much as I’d love a repeat of last night, wouldn’t it be more fun to see
where Starfire and Beast Boy got off to?”

Robin grinned. “I like how you think.”

The two checked Beast Boy’s room first. When that was a
bust, they hastened to Starfire’s room, reaching it just in time to hear her
screaming in Tamaranian as she came.

“Our turn,” said Raven, pulling Beast Boy into a
passionate kiss. While she did, Robin descended on the half-naked Starfire’s breasts,
nuzzling, licking, sucking, play-biting, while the alien princess writhed in
ecstasy under him.

Raven took Starfire’s hand and squeezed as Robin
and Beast Boy each entered their partners. The girls cried out in simultaneous
ecstasy while their male counterparts’ grunts echoed in the small room.

Half an hour later, Robin and Beast Boy leaned against the
wall, Raven and Starfire kneeling at their feet, respectively. The two girls
eagerly gobbled their men’s cocks, cleaning them and getting them hard for
another round.

“I think they went this way.” Cyborg’s voice
drifted into the room from the hall.

“Great!” Terra giggled. “It’s not fair for me
to keep this awesome cock all to myself, we should switch off.”

The walked in and stopped in surprise when they saw what the
others were doing.

After a long, awkward pause, Raven pulled off Robin’s cock
and shouted, “Rotate!”

A cheer rose from all the Titans as Raven went for Cyborg’s
cock, Terra for Beast Boy’s, and Starfire for Robin’s.

It was going to be a good day.

* * *

One week later…

Jinx fell to her knees and pulled down her top as Raven’s
spell poured through her brain. Her mouth dropped open as she realized how
badly she needed a cock to fill it. She started to drool as her thoughts
descended into pure lust, spiraling down as they dissolved away, leaving
nothing but a desperate need in their place…

Art and animation by Zelamir.

Since the Titans changed their approach, crime in Jump City
was falling to all-time lows. One by one, all the criminals of the city were
joining in the round-the-clock floating orgy that filled Titans Tower at all
times of the day and night now, individual participants rotating in and out to
grab some rest or food between bouts of fucking.

Jinx would fit in very nicely there, and be much happier
than if she’d continued her life of crime. And none of the criminals ever tried
to break out or return to their schemes–it was much more effective than
Stryker’s or Arkham.

Of course, there were a finite number of
villains in the city, and Raven’s urge to share her new happiness showed no
signs of stopping. But there were plenty of heroes out there, too… maybe
someone from the Justice League might accept an invitation to check out the new
program the Titans were having so much success with?