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As her body was rocked by yet another orgasm, Brooke struggled to remember… just whose idea had it been to release a topless photo when she reached 1,000 followers?  Hers?  One of her followers?  The nightclub hypnotist whose show had made her feel like she really needed to start sharing hypnoporn on Tumblr?  The oddly insistent woman who kept messaging her on the site, but whose words Brooke could never quite remember after she’d read them?

So many possibilities and it was just too hard to remember now… because ever since Brooke had posted the photo, the longest time she’d gone between orgasms had been three minutes.  She wasn’t doing anything to make this happen, and it just made no sense.  Until, suddenly, it did.  Was it because she’d checked her asks?  Was it something that pretty door-to-door saleswoman had said?  Or was it her own memory of the hypnotherapist she wasn’t sure why she kept going to see whispering in her ear?

Whoever it was, she knew someone had told her… there was magic attached to that photo.  And each time one of her followers would cum while looking at her pretty bare titties, Brooke must also cum.  It sounded crazy… magic wasn’t real.  But there was no arguing the facts.  And after dozens of mind-blowing orgasms, Brooke was ready to believe anything.

Anything she was told.

As the pleasure subsided and she struggled back to her feet, there was a flashing number on her computer screen.  A message from a familiar name.

It simply read, “Do you want to know what you’re going to do for us when you reach 2,000 followers?”

Brooke’s fingers shook as she tries to steady them, her sweat-drenched body settling into the chair in front of the computer.  She started typing the only words she possible could, “Yes, M-” and then the next orgasm was upon her.