Starfury Falls

So I just realized I have several old commissioned captions I was
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This story is set in the same universe as my superhero story Today the City…, the first two chapters of which are available on my Patreon!


Starfury carefully studied herself in the mirror, lifting
her hair and turning her head from side to side to make sure she had it right.
A photograph stuck in the mirror frame displayed the same woman, in the same

“No, the nose is still a little off,” Corvid said.

Starfury concentrated briefly, and her nose shifted,
becoming slightly narrower and sharper.

“That’s better,” said Corvid. “Perfect,

Starfury beamed. After nearly four years on Earth, she was still
learning. She had mastered a couple of human forms, but taking on new ones was
still a challenge, particularly if she had to copy someone instead of just
making up her own.

That was nothing, though, compared to the culture.
Fortunately, that was what Corvid was here to help with.

“So you can just… implant her personality?”
Starfury asked.

“Yes,” said Corvid. “You’ll still be in
there, watching, but a copy of this woman’s personality–” she tapped the
photo in the mirror frame–“will be in control. Of course she doesn’t have
access to any of your powers, but you can take control back whenever you want.
And she’s even named Michelle, so there should be a minimum of confusion.”

Starfury nodded. Starfury was the literal translation of her
Zaxyfrglkian name, which humans couldn’t even hear properly, let alone
pronounce, and the name under which she fired energy bolts at criminals. For
reasons that were still a little vague to her, that couldn’t be the name under
which she enrolled at State or joined Sigma Delta Omega, the sorority that
served as a front for the superhero team to which both she and Corvid belonged.
So for that she used the closest human name to her real one, Michelle Michaels.
She’d even practiced thinking of herself as Michelle when in human form, to
help fit in better.

She took a deep breath. “Okay. I’m ready.”

Corvid closed her eyes and called up her magic. Her black
cloak fluttered in a nonexistent wind as the power came to her, and then she
cast the spell, transferring the persona she had already constructed into
Starfury’s brain.


“So like, I’m here for my job interview?” Michelle
eyed the bouncer and liked what she saw. He was big, tough-looking, quiet,
exactly her type. A strange thought passed through her head–ew, humans–but
she pushed it aside and followed the bouncer in.

He led her to the back of the dark, smoky club, through a
door guarded by more big, tough, quiet men, and up a staircase. She found
herself in an opulent lounge, just as dark and smoky as the club below, but
with a warm, yellowish tint to what light it did have. Half-naked women gyrated
in front of couches on which men lounged, grinning; here and there women
wearing even less did other things for men on couches.

But at the very back of the room, a large, beefy man leaned
back on a couch, a woman in each arm, guards even bigger and tougher-looking
than the bouncers standing attentively on either side. Michelle approached him
slowly. It was him! “Shady” Carmichael, owner of half the clubs in
the city.

And major distributor for the cartels. The thought
drifted through Michelle’s head. It was weird–it didn’t sound at all
like her. She shook off the momentary confusion–she was here to work!

Mr. Carmichael looked her up and down. “Not bad,”
he said. “Show me what you got.”

Smiling, Michelle dropped her coat. She wore nothing
underneath but a hot pink teddy and matching stockings. She knew this club was
a lot classier than the strip joints she’d worked in the past, so she’d worn
her best lingerie, hoping to impress. She began to sway in place, then to
dance, lifting her hair and turning to show off her body, hoping that Mr.
Carmichael would approve.

“Nice,” he said, and popped a pill.

From inside Michelle, Starfury recognized it. Cream. The new
party drug that had been showing up across the city, the reason she was
investigating Carmichael. It gave a nice buzz to the person that took it, but
what made it dangerous was that it rapidly concentrated in seminal fluid. A few
minutes after taking it, Carmichael’s cum would be an intensely powerful
euphoric which caused long-term alterations to the brain’s reward structures
after one dose, after which powerful withdrawal symptoms set in if the
victim didn’t get more Cream-dosed cum daily.

The human brain’s reward structures. In her natural
form, Starfury’s brain chemistry was completely different from a human’s, so it
would have no effect on her. In human form, on the other hand, her brain was
human–but she had everything she needed. Carmichael had Cream, that was enough
evidence to bring in the police. She took back control from the implanted

Michelle continued to dance, slowly stripping for Mr.
Carmichael. He watched her with a smile–he liked her! Briefly she fantasized
about becoming like the girls on his arms–the parties she would get to go to,
the gifts she would receive.

Stop! thought Starfury. Stop dancing and give me
back my body!
But it wasn’t working. Something was wrong with Corvid’s
spell, and she couldn’t get back control.

Michelle smiled when she saw Carmichael pull out his cock.
Now she knew she was in. Naked, she straddled him. Dancing always made
her wet; his cock slid into her easily. Somewhere in the back of her head there
was screaming, but that didn’t make any sense, so she ignored it.

Nonononono! Starfury shouted desperately. In human
form, her brain was human. The cum would affect her! And when she transformed
back–if I’m EVER able to get back control and transform back–her brain
would transform into the analogous structures of her own species… including
the changes caused by the drug.

Michelle eagerly rode Carmichael’s cock. He was very
obviously enjoying himself. There was no way he wouldn’t hire her now!
But something was going on in her head, this weird feeling like she should
stop–but if she did that, she wouldn’t get hired! But a strange
pressure was building…

Starfury pushed and screamed, and suddenly she felt
something give. Michelle–the other Michelle, the constructed one–was
dissolving away! She could–

Carmichael came. His cum filled her pussy, and as it did,
Michelle faded away. Starfury was back!

Just a moment too late. The pleasure struck her like a
physical blow, and she collapsed against Carmichael, shuddering and trembling
in overwhelming ecstary. She had to change back, had to resume her natural
form, before it fully affected her!

But euphoria was settling in, a deep and incredible feel of
total relaxation and bliss. She knew she had to act, but it just didn’t feel
that urgent. Nothing did. Nothing could.

“Well, Michelle,” said Carmichael. “Or should
I say Starfury? I think we’re going to have a lot of fun with you.”


Corvid entered the room above the club and stopped dead at
the sight before her: Cosmic Cheerleader, kneeling between a trio of men,
pleasuring them with every appearance of total happiness.

“No!” she gasped. “They got you–” But
then she sensed the residue of her spell and realized the truth.
“Michelle,” she said. That wasn’t quite as bad, but… but it didn’t
matter. Nothing did anymore. What she’d done was unforgivable; she deserved the
pit of black despair she now found herself in.

Starfury ignored her, focused intently on her task. This was
what she did now, taking the form of celebrities, superheroines, whoever her
customers desired, and in turn they fed her yummy cum loaded with Cream. This
particular game was one of her favorites: one of these men had taken Cream,
though she didn’t know which, and she needed to swallow the cum of all three to
make sure she got it. Needed to.

She’d barely gone half an hour without a dose in the few
days she’d been her. She was either feeling the orgasmic pleasure of the
initial rush or the sleepy contentment as the drug took full effect, or else
she was desperately trying to get more. She could barely think, but it didn’t
matter; all that mattered was how good she felt.

Corvid walked slowly up to Carmichael, who smiled at her.
“Well done,” he said. “She’s already making me a mint.”

Corvid nodded sadly.

“Which means you get your reward,” Carmichael
said, as he swallowed another Cream pill.

Corvid shuddered in disgust at herself, at him, at
everything. But when he pulled out his cock, she fell to her knees and began to

“I think I’ll have you fetch me one of the Protectors
next,” he said. “Not one of the big guns, but maybe Comet, or Pinup.
I bet you could fool one of them, couldn’t you?”

She could. What was worse was, she knew she would.