10 July 2018





Reminder: Do not buy from Amazon or even open the website on 10 July 2018, in solidarity with the transnational strike.

Amazon workers in Spain have called for a transnational strike because Amazon has been avoiding accountability for its labour rights violations by merely shifting the work (and the human rights abuses Amazon inflicts on their workers) to non-striking countries, each time a strike occurs. If there is widespread striking transnationally, Amazon will have no choice but to recognize the strikers’ demands in order to keep their facilities functioning.

Our job as allies is to support the strike by avoiding using the Amazon website or purchasing anything from Amazon for as long as the strike continues. A mass boycott of the site, coinciding with the strike, will strengthen the workers’ bargaining position and could be crucial to Amazon workers gaining back basic rights in a variety of countries.

Please remember this includes subsidiaries like Twitch and Audible.

This is tomorrow!

Please do not shop on Amazon tomorrow.

Please do not stream Amazon music or video tomorrow

Please do not order from sites using Amazon Payments tomorrow.

For one day, please, avoid it.

As a worker-for-rent who’s worked during strikes or demonstrations – PLEASE, if there’s a strike DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THAT COMPANY ON THAT DAY IF THERE’S ANY WAY TO AVOID IT. Not only do folks like me get an easy day, it’s also a powerful act of class solidarity.

Also, if you’re a social media type of person, please tweet and comment at the company that you’re choosing not to use their services, in solidarity of the strike. Make sure they know.