Image caption by brainstobimbos

So I just realized I have several old commissioned captions I was
supposed to make public and never did. So I’ll be posting them over the
next few days. Enjoy!

Commission for Jurodan based on pictures and outline they provided. Commission your own captions via my Patreon!

Three hours later…

Sam shuddered, moaned, and then pulled his cock out of
Tabitha’s mouth. She swallowed with a smile, then used one finger to pick up a
stray blob of cum from her cheek. Still smiling up at Sam, she slowly sucked it
off her finger.

Sam tucked his cock back into his jeans and collapsed back
onto the couch. “Okay, this is fucking awesome,” he said, to a chorus
of agreement from the rest of the group.

Tabitha, still kneeling in the middle of the floor, giggled.
Through the pink haze that now filled her thoughts, she was aware the boys were
happy, and making them happy made her happy.

“Too bad we’ve lost our DM,” said Kevin. “I
was looking forward to figuring out what Ser Lockholme was up to.”

“And we were about to level,” said Jim. “I was
finally going to get that last feat I needed for my new build!”

Aaron sighed. “Look, we can start a new campaign.”

“And who’ll run it, you?” asked Jim. “I’m not
going through another meatgrinder.”

“Better that than another boring hack-and-slash,”
Aaron countered. “Besides, we’ve all sampled her now. Would you really
have her go back to the way she was?”

They all considered a moment. The old Tabitha had been a
great DM, but other than that she was sarcastic, combative, and harsh. Not to
mention apple-shaped–one of the effects of the patch had been to move most of
the fat from her now-flat tummy to her previously-flat chest, butt, and hips.

“Well, no,” Jim admitted.

“It’s just too bad we can’t have both,” said

Sam looked up from the instruction sheet that had come with
the patch, which he’d been reading while the others argued. “I think maybe
we can…”

* * *

“Everyone roll Will saves,” Tabitha told the

They groaned and grumbled in response, but they dutifully
rolled their dice and reported the results to Tabitha.

“Okay,” she said. She consulted the notes she kept
carefully hidden behind the screen in front of her. “Jim, Roland is fine.
The rest of you are Dazed, but you can attempt another save on your next
turn.” She checked another note. “Jim, you’re up.”

Jim shook his d20 in his cupped hands. “I’m going to
try Smite Evil again,” he said.

“Oh come on,” said Aaron. “You didn’t hit on
a 16 last round! It’ll just dodge again.”

“I know that,” said Jim, “but Roland
doesn’t!” The others groaned. “He has faith!” Jim said
defensively. “Anyway, OOC knowledge is cheating.” He rolled.

“That’s a crit,” said Tabitha. “Okay, you
hit. Roll damage.”

“Ha!” Jim rolled out another handful of dice.
“Ye of little faith… whoa.”

“That’s, um… that’s a good roll,” said Kevin.

“Yeah,” said Tabitha. “The creature screams
and collapses, dead. The maiden tied to the altar tearfully thanks you for
saving her, and begs to be released.”

“Great!” said Aaron. “We free her and claim
our reward from the grateful maiden.” He grinned suggestively at Tabitha.
“How about we play that out, babe?”

“What?” Tabitha was shocked. “I’m not going

“LARP time, Tabitha,” said Aaron.

Tabitha’s words caught in her throat. Her eyes widened as
the delicious pink fog came flooding back in. It never went away completely, of
course. When she was crafting or running her campaigns, it retreated far enough
for her old skills, her old personality, to reassert themselves–but it still
covered any questions of what she did with the rest of her time, why she looked
so different now, or why she only ever wore lingerie or slutty cosplays

But when one of the boys said those magic words, it came
back completely. Her thoughts slowed and stopped as she drowned in happy, horny
bliss. She existed to entertain the boys, in all ways, at all times–but this
way of entertaining them was much easier and more fun.

“Well, you got the killing blow,” said Aaron.
“You get first dibs, Jim.”

Grinning, he took Tabitha by the hand and led her out of the
room. Not long after, the moans and giggles began.

“You’re a genius, man,” said Kevin.

Sam shrugged. “I just read the instructions.” The
Bimboozler™ instructions had explained that, for a few hours after initial
application, the level of Bimboozling™ was adjustable, and command phrases
could be installed to allow switching between different levels, so that the new
bimbo could still function out in the world if she needed to. The example the
instructions gave was installing a work mode she could use to go out and hold
down a job, but Sam had suggested something different: DM mode.

Jim soon returned, and the other three took their turns
fucking their toy. Finally Tabitha returned to the gaming table, breathless,
happy, naked, and cum-spattered.

The four others took their seats at the table, and then
Kevin said, “Back to the game, Tabitha.”

Her glazed eyes focused, her dazed smile turned back into a
slight frown of concentration. “Okay,” she said. “XP and
treasure time…”