Kelly x2

So I just realized I have several old commissioned captions I was
supposed to make public and never did. So I’ll be posting them over the
next few days. Enjoy!

Commission for Jurodan based on pictures and outline they provided. Commission your own captions via my Patreon!

All images are of Brittany and Brandi Kelly and from


Just because she was a witch, that didn’t mean Kelly didn’t
love her husband. Sure, people could talk about the corrupting influence of
dark magic, but the fact was that she loved him and wanted him to be happy.

That was why she’d spiked his drink with that love potion
back in high school, after all–so that he would love her and she could make
him happy.

And because she wanted him to be happy, and thanks to that
potion he could never get enough of her, once a year on their anniversary she
cast the duplication spell, dividing herself into two identical versions of
herself, so he could have a threesome while still being entirely and only hers

It was not a difficult spell, but it was not without risk:
magic could create flesh but not minds, so her one mind would be divided
between two bodies. That meant each half was only half as intelligent,
rendering her unable to cast even the simplest spells.

But it greatly excited her husband, and, she had to admit,
herself: the giddy feeling of emptiness, the quiet in her thoughts quickly
filled in by the sensations of her body–it was quite a rush. And it only
lasted until dawn, anyway, when the spell broke and the two halves returned to


“Welcome home, honey!” Kelly and Kelly said in
unison. They giggled. It felt so good to not have to think, or worry, or
plan. They knew they couldn’t handle any of that boring stuff, so they didn’t
try. They could just relax and have fun.

Their husband smiled, and their hearts leapt. They loved him
so much! It was hard to figure out how to please him, but luckily he was always
ready to tell them.


Kelly and Kelly stripped at their husband’s direction, never
losing their happy smiles. They giggled in confusion when he said something
about a potion.

“Whazzat?” they asked.

“It’s just like the one you gave me,” he
explained. “All those years ago. Did you think I’d never find out?”
He sighed. “I can’t help but love you, want you, need you… but that
doesn’t prevent me from being furious at you.”

Kelly and Kelly whimpered. “We’re so sorry we made you
mad! Is there anything we can do to make it up to you?”

He smiled. “Yes there is.” He handed the pigtailed
Kelly a vial of something pink and thick. “One of your ‘friends’ gave me
this–the same one that revealed what you’d done to me.” He shook his
head. “You really shouldn’t have been quite so pushy toward them–just
because you’re the stronger witch doesn’t mean they can’t find a way to get
back at you.”

Kelly and Kelly blinked at him in confusion.

He sighed. “You have no idea how hard it is to stay mad
at you. I know it’s the potion! But I have to hold onto it… have to remind
myself that the best thing for you is to keep you happy and safe. And you will
be happy, and you will be safe–none of your enemies will come after you
if you’re no longer a threat.”

He nodded to the Kelly holding the vial. “Drink

With a shrug, she did. She loved him, and trusted him, and
knew he trusted her. Why wouldn’t she?


1 year later…

Kelly and Kelly smiled up happily at their husband. “This
picnic was a SUCH a good idea,” said the Kelly in the red shoes.

The Kelly in the white shoes nodded. “It really was!
Happy… uh… thingy!”

One Kelly had drunk the same love potion she’d given her
husband, permanently altering her mind. That shifted them out of synch; when
dawn came, the spell wore off, but they couldn’t reintegrate. They remained two
separate people, no longer entirely identical.

Then he gave the other Kelly the other dose of love potion,
but by then it was too late for her; both of them were equally besotted with
him, but the spell had already worn off, so there was nothing to make them
combine. They would be separate–albeit very, very similar–people forever.

So he was happy. He had twice the woman he loved, and his

And the rest of her coven were happy–they were rid of the
bossy, pushy, controlling leader that none of them had the power to challenge

And most of all, Kelly and Kelly were happy–happy to never
have to think, or make a decision, or do anything but feel good and make the
man they loved feel good, for the rest of their lives.